My Story… My Chocolate

Cathy Churcher, Chocolatier

Chocolate is my passion...

The inspiration for Chocolate Cravings came from years of making butter creams and peanut butter balls for family and friends for the holidays.

As requests for my candy grew, I studied with Ecole Chocolat where I received my certificate as a Professional Chocolatier.

I continue to develop new products and refine my skills through classes and travel around the world to meet chocolatiers. Most recently, I visited cacao plantations in Costa Rica, which gave me a greater appreciation of where chocolate comes from, its history, and its worldwide impact.

In 2009, I opened my own shop in the Lakeside area of Richmond. I continue to participate in regional farmers markets and my products can also be found in local stores.

My certificates include:

  • Ecole Chocolat, Professional Chocolatier
  • Notter School of Pastry Arts – Belgian Candy Making with Jean-Pierre Wybauw, Master Chocolatier
  • Ecole Chocolat, Quality Assurance and Keeping Limits for Chocolatiers
  • Notter School of Pastry Arts – Artisan Bon Bons and Confections with Andrew Shotts of Garrison Confections
  • Ecole Chocolat, Maître Chocolatier Program – Exploring Cacao and Chocolate Production in Costa Rica
  • Ecole Chocolat, Maitre Chocolatier Program – Chocolate Making From the Bean
  • New Visions, New Ventures 2008 Business Plan Contest – First Place
  • Approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture as part of the Virginia’s Finest Program
  • ServSafe Certification

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